Welcome from the Executive Principal, SAF

We are justly very proud of Harrold Priory – it is a good school with an excellent reputation, which is well-deserved. We provide outstanding teaching and pastoral care for the students and we achieve excellent standards. Our sporting achievements, musical and dramatic traditions are also really second to none

If you are considering transfer at the tender age of 9 to a middle school, this is a very big step in your child’s journey towards the adult they will become. Your choice of school will have a great bearing on this development, and it needs to be the right one. If you are considering Harrold Priory we will always be pleased to see you to discuss what the school has to offer. In addition, we provide opportunities to see the school in action at first hand. In October, we hold a number of open evenings, open days and events to accommodate visitors to meet with staff and, probably most important of all, to talk to our delightful students. After all, they know the school better than anyone. Visitors to Harrold Priory are always impressed by their friendly and positive attitudes – please do talk to them.

Understandably, you will be anxious about the change from the familiar surroundings of the lower school to a bigger and more complex setting. Try not to worry too much about this because it is also a very exciting time for young people. They will be looking forward to the new challenges that we provide. Our website, together with the prospectus, contains a great deal of information. Our very hardworking staff are approachable and caring and committed to providing the very best for the students. They encourage them to work hard, to enjoy and to achieve – Harrold Priory is a very happy school where they feel secure.

Between the ages of 9 to 13 the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of your children will be dramatic. Their attitudes to themselves, their friends, their parents and the world will mature in response to a wide range of influences. We will help foster their self-esteem and they will grow in confidence as we develop their independence and individual talents.

As the pupils journey through Harrold Priory, their learning will become personalised as they reveal their strengths and develop their interests. Most will begin to specialise within the School’s excellent curriculum, which uniquely extends to include three modern languages, as well as the extensive opportunities provided within the creative and performing arts and in sport and physical education. There will a strong focus on the performing arts – with extended opportunities in drama, music and dance.

At the age of 13, your child will be ready to accept the opportunities and responsibilities provided by Sharnbrook Upper School. We work very closely together; sharing staff, resources and a shared governing body within the Sharnbrook Academy Federation.

Above all, however, we remember that you are your child’s first, best and most important teacher. It is together that we provide the children with an outstanding education in preparation to face the demands of modern living. You will have our full commitment.

Yours sincerely

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Iain Denning BA MA NPQH
Executive Principal Sharnbrook Academy Federation