What does Ofsted say?

The school was inspected in September 2013. Harrold Priory was judged by Her Majesty’s Inspectors to be a good school with some outstanding features. Ofsted also said: “The school’s leadership team is ambitious for the school and consistently communicates high expectations. This is reflected in the excellent working relationships that contribute to a positive and supportive working environment.

The main headlines

  • Pupils make good progress across all their subjects. The school has worked to make lessons more challenging since the last inspection, and the proportion of pupils exceeding nationally expected progress has increased in English and particularly in Mathematics
  • Progress is rapid in Years 7 and 8, and by the time pupils leave the school they have reached high standards in English and Mathematics
  • All the teachers show that they have high expectations for what the pupils can achieve. They provide a good level of challenge in lessons, and ensure that everyone is able to take a full and active part
  • Pupils are encouraged to fully engage in the learning process and sometimes take an active role in planning their lessons
  • Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. The welcoming and supportive environment ensures that pupils feel very safe and confident. They enjoy school and their attitudes and approach to learning are always positive
  • The school has worked hard to improve the quality of teaching since the last inspection. This has been achieved by the implementation of careful and supportive monitoring, effective training and performance management that is consistently well matched to the needs of the staff and the school
  • The governors play an active role in the life of the school and know it well and the school benefits from the expertise of a strong group. The improvements are the result of constant challenge consistently tempered with careful, considerate and perceptive support
  • Pupils are very well prepared for the next stage in their education

SATs Provisional Results 2016

Subject % Achieved Standard % Not Achieved Standard B A National
GSP 60.2 36.6 2.2 1 72.0
Reading 64.5 32.3 2.2 1 66.0
Maths 56.9 39.8 2.2 1 70.0
Writing 76.4 16.1 7.5 1 74.0
Combined 48.0       53.0