School Meals

School meals are now £2.50 per day as from September 2016

Our motto ‘we won’t serve what we wouldn’t eat’ means just that. It is important to us that we have pride in what we dish up on a daily basis.

We provide freshly cooked meals every day using good quality ingredients.  We do not use salt in our meals, have at least 3 different choices of vegetables every day and only fry once a week.  A vegetarian choice of pasta and paninis are offered on a daily basis as well as a home-cooked dinner and can accommodate most food allergies or intolerance’s.  Children are also encouraged to try different foods, rather than allowing them to stick to the same ‘safe’ choice. 

The menus are on a three week rotation - Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3.  A copy of these can be viewed in Letters Home on this website.

Week 1 2016.pdf
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Week 2 2016.pdf
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Week 3 2016.pdf
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