Ethos and Values

“Our Children – Our Community – Their Future”

It is essential that we continue to improve the School’s capacity for sustainable improvement and to extend and enrich learning opportunities for pupils and staff. Harrold’s School Development Plan reflects our School Aims, LA targets, and OFSTED key issues.

Our Vision

We will ensure that children in our care are given every opportunity to fulfil their potential in terms of personal, emotional, intellectual and academic growth. We want them to become life – long learners and motivated to achieve their potential in a positive and extended environment.

Our Mission

We believe that our parents want the highest possible Standards of education and pastoral care for their children. You will have the full commitment of caring, enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers, support staff and governors working with you to achieve the best for your child.

In this school:

  • We want the children to attend, enjoy and be ready for School;
  • We want to promote their right to feel safe at all times ;
  • We promote healthy lifestyles and choices for the pupils;
  • We use positive discipline strategies
  • We create an environment where all children and adults take responsibility for their behaviour and actions
  • We ensure that pupils engage in decision making and support their community
  • We develop pupils’ self-confidence, self-esteem, independence and encourage enterprise
  • We provide opportunities for the pupils to personalise their learning and to engage in a wide range of activities that prepare them for modern life.